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"Aegis gets you through with dignity."
Through hard work and perseverance, I have reclaimed more of my life than most similarly injured people. Had it not been for Aegis Health Perspectives, I could not have made this statement nor be writing this letter to you. I cannot explain to anyone the fear and embarrassment of needing assistance for every facet of life. In a world where one can easily feel dehumanized by needing assistance to eat, dress, perform bladder and bowel functions, Aegis gets you through with dignity. (C. A. Parkhill, Bloomfield Hills, MI)
"... dedicated to the clients they care for"
My injury is 20 + years, I’m a C3 Complete spinal cord injury. I require 24 hour around the clock care. I’ve been through countless agencies. Their staff was not knowledgeable regarding the special needs of someone with my injury. Many times staff did not show up at all. With Aegis my coverage is guaranteed. They are dedicated to the clients they care for and they treat me like family. (G.D.M., Westland, MI)