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Aegis Health Perspectives - PH_MKAegis Health Perspectives was co-founded in 1999 by a registered nurse and her friend who had sustained a spinal cord injury as an adolescent.
Michelle Kalous, RN, co-founder, has been in health care for over 20 years, providing care for persons with a variety of needs. In 1999, Michelle’s vision was to create a health care agency based on the principles she has practiced in her nursing career, along with a desire to provide the best delivery of care to persons with spinal cord injuries.
Aegis original co-founder has made great contributions to the agency by offering insight on the special needs of the spinal cord injured by providing input on client care planning and the educational process of the Aegis staff.
Together, the original co-founders’ philosophies formed the basis for the vision that became Aegis Health Perspectives, Inc. and put Aegis at the forefront of caring for spinal cord injured persons.