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Did You Know?!

Did You Know?! - Aegis Health Perspectives - massage-1015568_1920Did you know that Aegis Health Perspectives has been providing care for over 16 years?! Our 17 Year Anniversary is actually this coming October. We've had the pleasure of providing nursing care, skilled aide care and personal care to our clients during this time with our unique 24-Hour Service Guarantee. 

Did you also know that in addition to our exceptional Nurses and Aides, we have a team of fantastic Massage Therapists? Our MTs specialize in catastrophic care and have training for techniques like myofascial release and can help with spasticity.  

Our Massage Therapists are also able to work unusual hours to be able to accommodate a busy schedule. Do you have a client working full time with a massage script but they cannot get into a PT office or Chiropractor office during normal business hours? Our Massage Therapists can help! 

In-home massage therapy is also a covered benefit under the No-Fault law with a regular script for massage therapy.  

Feel free to give Katherine a call at (248) 919-6973 for more information! 

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