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Celebrating 15 Years - A Special Message from Michelle Kalous, RN, CEO

As I reflect on Aegis' 15 years, I am grateful for the opportunities you've given us to serve you. We'll integrate the best of the past and improve wherever necessary to offer you the best service possible, you deserve it. Whether you've been with us for years or weeks, I am confident you will experience the founding principle that sets us apart - that is an emphasis on building trusting relationships thru expertise and compassionate care.

Trust. Compassion. Those are not merely catchwords for me. I emerged from a challenging upbringing with some skills that have been woven into every thing I do. One of those skills is the ability to remain focused on the best solution in emotional and/or chaotic situations. Another of these skills is real, and true empathy. Like you, I know and love many people who fumble in their care giving role. More often than not, that fumbling isn't the result of a lack of desire or's just not a skill in their toolbox. Not everyone in nursing or healthcare in general has the care giving skill or gift.

In nearly 35 years of care giving, after  starting as a CNA in a nursing home, I've encountered some natural caregivers and some...well - not as great. While I cannot care for each of you, I do personally select and train the talented and caring people whom you trust in your homes with your care or the care of those you love. As we move toward an even brighter future, please know that enhancing your lives is Aegis' first priority. Please let us know how we can help.


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