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Spinal Cord Specialization –

All in-home nursing and aide staff are supervised in the home during the provision of their care so that all standards of Spinal Cord Injury Care are maintained.

Brain Injury –

A thorough assessment is conducted by one of our Clinical Care Managers to determine client-specific needs and special requests. From the assessment, a personalized care plan is developed.

Our Mission:

Aegis Health Perspectives, Inc. provides superior, specialized home care for spinal cord injured persons and/or persons who suffer from the devastation of a chronic neuromuscular disorder.  Aegis supports the individual while promoting the personal dignity of each client, and facilitates a long term trusting relationship between our employees and clients for life long care.

PH_MK.gifHistory - Started in 1999

Started in 1999, Aegis Health Perspectives has withstood time by focusing on the principle of treating the whole client, not just the injury while providing all the services to meet our clients’ home care needs

Who We Are:

Aegis Health Perspectives, Inc. is the premiere private duty provider of specialized in-home care for persons with spinal cord injuries and other neuromuscular disorders, serving southeast Michigan with its special brand of care since 1999. It continues to be at the leading edge of the trends and care methods that are still evolving in today’s spinal cord injury and neuromuscular disorder field.

Trust is Central:

Our approach to providing home care services is to promote the development of trust between our clients and our staff. These are long-term relationships, which require attention, periodic evaluation, and at times, intervention. Until there is a cure for SCI, there has to be care. Aegis Health Perspectives is a leader in caring for persons with SCI.

Personal Dignity:

The Aegis staff and management are focused on promoting the personal dignity of each client it serves, while facilitating a long-term relationship between agency staff and clients. Aegis strives for life-long care and the personal enablement of every client, regardless of diagnosis. The Aegis staff is highly trained, experienced and certified to offer the highest level of care and serve the many diverse needs of its clients.